Fan Reaction: 49ers at Packers

So several of us here at S and G had a vested interest in this gem of a playoff game. I myself am a Packers fan with Doogie and Tammy being San Fran men. Here’s my take on the game:

49ers: What else is there to say about this team? Their front 7 is great and attacked the incredibly weakened Pack O-line to get to Rodgers. Their RB is still great, posting good gains on an albeit weak defense. Their QB is a clear Pack-killer, shredding the inexperienced and injured Packers D (last real play of the game, Bush made the rookie mistake of running in and not playing contain, letting Kaep get loose). This team played hard and won hard, and is a major reason they still look good to make their way back to the big game. They face Carolina next week in what looks to be two near-mirror image teams facing off. Overall, their game I rank as a A-. They faced a weakened opponent but in adverse conditions and while they struggled to put them away, they did the job. I’ll be rooting for these guys to take the NFC.

Pack: As disappointing as the game was, I have to feel some pride as a fan. I thought they were going into a buzzsaw even though they had homefield on Hoth. Their defense, injured into inexperience beyond belief (not helped by two more loses in the first series), managed to hold Kaep and Gore most of the game, for the most part preventing big gains except when Crabtree or a running Kaep were involved. Rodgers and Lacy, with no O-line to protect them, managed to batter and push the offense downfield when they needed to. For a team that squeaked into the playoffs, they were barely knocked out. I look forward to next year when the Pack will (hopefully) have a health Lacy and Rodgers and a fixed up O-line and Defense (McCarthy is known for drafting very well since he drafts on value available not how many QBs can a team have- looking at you Jags). I give them a B+. They were a team that faced an uphill battle and were only thrown off just before reaching the top.

Fans on either side of the ball must have been on edge the whole game, but I think both teams walk away from this with their heads held high. I see both teams doing as good or better next year and look forward to the next match-up in a possible rivalry (once the Pack can take one of these…).

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