Fantasy Curling: Draught Night

That’s right folks, Fantasy Curling is right around the corner! Here’s how me and 9 of my buddies fared in our draft. It was a random order of 10 teams picking from a pool of 20 Olympic teams from either gender in a serpentine style. Here’s how our completely random, hell of a fun time draft ended up:

Do the Sochi Sweep!

Draft Picks Peeps Team Name Country 1 Country 2
1, 20 Jackson Sweep Sweep Beer Canada (M) Japan (W)
2, 19 Steve Bitches Love Brooms Sweden (W) China (M)
3, 18 Tim   Sweden (M) China (W)
4, 17 Alex   Great Britain (W) Denmark (W)
5, 16 Ryan Curly Broom Hair Canada (W) Switzerland (M)
6, 15 K Ris Got Stoned and Swept Like a Baby Great Britain (M) Russia (W)
7, 14 K Walt I’m Sweeping with the Swedish Women’s Curling Team Switzerland (W) Germany (M)
8, 13 Kyle   South Korea (W) Denmark (M)
9, 12 Pat Getting My Rocks Off Russia (M) Norway (M)
10, 11 Alan Team ‘Merica United States (W) United States (M)

As you can see we still have hilarious names to add, but I’m a fan of all I’ve seen so far. Wish me luck with my Scotsmen and my Russian Dolls (Like I need it, the Russian girls were a steal and the Men’s of GB I think will be second only to the Canadian Men, if at all).

I’ll be keeping a daily recap here on For S and G, I have no doubt other commentators will as well. All progress of this inaugural year of Fantasy Olympic Curling will be kept on this spreadsheet:Fantasy Curling Tracker

Now to wait til the 10th… Remember all you watching at home, SSSWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP!!!

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