Fantasy Curling, Day 1/8

Here are my thoughts on today’s draws and our standings from Day 1 (not yet in order):

Team Name Total Score Avg Shot % Score Rank Shot Rank Score/Game
Sweep Sweep Beer
19 7 9.5
Bitches Love Brooms
23 82 5 11.5
Lo Mein and Meatballs
25 83.5 4 8.3
She’s a Biter
12 73.5 9 6.0
Curly Broom Hair
30 87.75 1 10.0
Got Stoned and Swept Like a Baby
28 82.5 2 9.3
I’m Sweeping with the Swedish Women’s Curling Team
22 70 6 11.0
The Aptly Named, Sir Not Appearing in This League
19 7 9.5
Getting My Rocks Off
28 78 2 9.3
Team ‘Merica
10 74 10 5.0

A few people haven’t had teams play yet, so those standings are pending. I’ve included here points per game to give people an idea of how their teams are performing given the draw set-up of the round robin.

Some of my thoughts on today’s day of curling:

-Elephant in the room: Team America (both) sucked it today. Women got spanked while the Men got outplayed by the crazy pants (and a bit of Shuster still not cutting it). But I have hope yet!

-Sweden (M) took the day by storm, while Canada (M) recorded a loss on their second draw. GB (M) came out firing only to get stomped by Sweden. Is Sweden the dark horse this year? Or just off to a quick start? This week will tell.

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