Fantasy/Olympic Curling, Days 2 and 3/9

After a day off from posting about this glorious sport I’m back for some crappy analysis. First, the fantasy scores:


Team Name Total Score Avg Shot % Score Rank Shot Rank Score/Game
Sweep Sweep Beer
74 80.8 2 7 10.6
Bitches Love Brooms
75 82.5 1 3 10.7
Lo Mein and Meatballs
55 83.8 8 2 9.2
She’s a Biter
48 77.3 9 9 8.0
Curly Broom Hair
64 85.7 7 1 9.1
Got Stoned and Swept Like a Baby
71 82.3 4 4 8.9
I’m Sweeping with the Swedish Women’s Curling Team
65 74.6 5 10 9.3
The Aptly Named, Sir Not Appearing in This League
65 81.3 5 6 9.3
Getting My Rocks Off
72 81.4 3 5 9.0
Team ‘Merica
45 78.2 10 8 6.4

Sweep Sweep Beer is being led by the always epic Canada (M) and the surprising strong Japan (W) while Bitches Love Brooms has the fairly decent Sweden (W) but the strong-starting China (M). Which leads me to some analysis on the games.

Team USA (M) won one! Against the team that beat Sweden (M). Leaving me questioning what Mens team is the best. Right now, Norway and China are up there, but Canada and Sweden are still great. Hell, most of that field has the possibility of making the 4 team playoffs for the gold. If Schuster can keep up the good skipping and shooting from today, they have a chance to not only not finish in the basement but make a run for the playoffs.

Womens is the story of how epic the Canadians are and how god awfully terrible the Mericans are, much to the chagrin of Team ‘Merica, the only team of ours that currently looks like it’s got no chance at the [trophy to be named and built eventually].

Be sure to follow along here on our Google Spreadsheet.

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