Olympic Curling. Four More Years!

Well, curling (the kind the majority of humanity will keep up with) ended today with domination by Canada over the Scotsmen. Gorram Canadians. Here’s how fantasy curling ended, with a surprise result!

Team Name Total Score Avg Shot % Score Rank Shot Rank Score/Game
Sweep Sweep Beer
184 80.3 4 6 10.2
Bitches Love Brooms
187 82.6 2 3 10.4
Lo Mein and Meatballs
171 83.2 5 2 9.5
She’s a Biter
188 78.8 1 8 10.4
Curly Broom Hair
186 84.4 3 1 10.3
Got Stoned and Swept Like a Baby
140 82.6 9 3 7.8
I’m Sweeping with the Swedish Women’s Curling Team
152 76.5 6 10 8.4
The Aptly Named, Sir Not Appearing in This League
152 79.8 6 7 8.4
Getting My Rocks Off
149 81.3 8 5 8.3
Team ‘Merica
111 77.9 10 9 6.2

Top 3 teams were a point away from one another! Lessons learned:

1) Don’t let anyone pick the US next time, cause I think all teams should root for the super-underdog. 2) Top 5 teams put up the top 5 scores. Maybe cutting down on teams to 6-8 would let more in on the good teams. With 6 teams, maybe 3 countries a piece. Maths may happen.

Overall, curling was pretty entertaining as it usually is. Gold medal game left a lot to be desired from both sexes, but watching pros at their sport go to town (ex. Canadians on ice with disc objects) is something to behold. Here’s hoping the next olympics are just as entertaining for those of us who like watching ice rock bocci.

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